Discover The Secrets Hidden In Your Face!

Julie Parker has been studying nutrition and alternative healing for over 30 years.  Over the past few years she studied and added Face Reading and 9 Star Ki. Julie combines her knowledge and skills to help people understand themselves on a deeper level so they can thrive in their life (personally or professionally) – from a place of love and unconditional acceptance vs judgement and condemnation.

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Instant Insight at a Glance… Your Path to Profit

Sales & Business

  • Have you ever experienced a situation where a sales person just inundated you with too many details or all the wrong information causing you to end the conversation as fast as possible?
  • What about the opposite scenario, where so little information was given that you were left anxiously hanging, requiring more information just to decide either way?
  • Do you know how you’re being perceived by your prospects and clients?
  • Are you interested in learning how to make sure this never happens to you in a sales conversation?


  • Have you ever found yourself in an awkward conversation or situation at a networking event where you don’t know how to interact with or approach the person in front of you?
  • Are  you new to networking and get that anxious feeling before you even arrive?
  • Would it be helpful if you could know At A Glance how to create comfort and confidence, not only for yourself, but with anyone you speak with so that you never find yourself feeling awkward or uncomfortable in a networking situation again?

Imagine… improving your ability to close more sales by learning a powerful technique to instantly and easily read your prospects and clients At A Glance so this never happens to you and you never leave money on the table!

What if you knew how to approach everyone you met in a way they wanted to be spoken to, heard, and given information to, would that help you?

 If so, you’re in the right place!  I have taken what many would consider an eccentric concept and created a powerful selling and networking tool which is:

Scientifically Proven

Tons of Fun

Surprisingly Effective

Best of′s easy to learn

What is it?  Face Reading! If having a conversation with someone and you’re not speaking their language, you may be leaving money on the table!

What will it do for  you?

Improve your sales ability

Shortens the sales cycle

Close more sales faster....possibly even for higher prices

Learn about this powerful tool so you never leave money on the table again!

To get more information or inquire about programs, products and services  email me now! I show clients how to  customize their conversations and interactions with prospects and colleagues according to specific key facial features enabling them to quickly establish rapport and instantly create the like and trust factor!

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is an ancient branch of Chinese Medicine, originally used as a diagnostic tool, it provides clues regarding an individual’s personality patterns, their inherent strengths and weaknesses, where they tend to excel and where they might face challenges.

Each individual is born with their own personal blueprint. The secrets of your inner nature and your own potential are beautifully and perfectly inscribed in the features and lines of your face. In conjunction with specific information from your birth date, Face Readings reveal important details regarding the pattern and individuality of your original design.