I just read my reading and it was absolutely phenomenal, right on the money about everything!



The information that Julie can read from your face simply by looking at lines and shapes is unbelievable! She was able to tell me things that were a confirmation of what I knew and also gave me some insight into my personality. Julie has a kind, non-judgmental way of relaying sensitive information. She answers questions as she is doing your face reading and she makes the entire experience fun and interesting.



Thank you for the lovely summary of my birthday characteristics; your insightfulness and excellence in your craft are just outstanding. I appreciate the sharing of your gifts with me!



I was not sure what to expect when I booked my Facial Reading session with Julie.  The 9 Star Ki reading was very accurate and in depth, which gave me greater insight into aspects of my personality, and why I do the things I do. Being an avid follower of astrology and numerology, I was surprised at the new aspects of Self that were revealed!


Houston, TX

Julie, I must complement you on how well you interpreted me with the Face Reading. That was the first time that I had ever had anything like that and I truly enjoyed how on target you were on so many things. I was quite impressed!



My face reading session with Julie was awesome & very accurate. She was able to see things about me that I wasn’t even aware of and confirmed other things that I knew to be true. I really enjoyed my session and found it very insightful, even over the phone!